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Organizing and Presenting Ideas

Speaking fluently is one of the most important language skills; it helps us share our ideas easily and with confidence. Fluent speaking isn’t just about knowing the right vocabulary and grammar though. We also need to organize and present our ideas clearly. This may sound draining, but it simply takes practice. When you can do it, your ideas sound clear, systematic and logical, helping people understand you quickly and easily. That’s the key to fluency!

Here are some things you need to organize in your mind before saying your ideas aloud:

If you are starting a new topic or discussion, introduce it with a topic sentence, just like you would use in an essay. This sentence should include your main idea and your argument or stance on it.

With your next sentences, explain your idea in a bit more detail. You can add linking words, conjunctions and connectives here to make your ideas clear and organized.

Add examples. Use words like ‘For example’ or ‘For instance’ to make it clear to others that you are giving examples to them. These could be real-life examples, something you have read before or something you have seen on the news.

Before you finish expressing your ideas, repeat your main points in a short, summarised way. This helps the other person know what they should respond to.


Following these steps may sound difficult and overwhelming in the beginning, but it becomes a habit overtime. So try using the steps in your daily conversations to become a fluent speaker.