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Instilling Leadership Values at Home

Leadership skills are one of the most important assets that parents can teach their children, especially during tough times. It is important for the growth of the child, makes them independent and gives them a boost of confidence in their work. Here are some ways parents can practise leadership skills at home:

Work on focus and attention: This can be done by assigning an individual task to children before moving to the next one. These individual tasks could be related to school work or helping in the household.

Develop trust and responsibility: When children are given a task, which could be as simple as cleaning up their room or feeding their pet, they develop a sense of responsibility and discipline. Being trusted with tasks ensures children are disciplined with their work even when parents are not around.

Boost confidence: Completing small tasks, e.g. setting up the table or tidying up their bags, gives children a sense of achievement and accomplishment. This confidence is necessary for leadership skills.

Respecting each other: As parents, talking to a child with respect and expecting the same in return is an excellent way of encouraging leadership skills. When children feel respected, they demonstrate this shared value with their parents and others around them. This helps to form the basis of leadership skills among children.

Communication: Talk to your children on a daily basis. This allows them to speak about their hobbies, their personalities or even their worries. The key here is to keep talking. For example, you could talk to them about their day at school or about books they are currently reading.

Follow these steps to instill leadership qualities, as well as to understand your children in order to learn more about their thoughts and growth.