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Iqra Sultan

Iqra Sultan

Teaching and learning should always be fun and interactive. In this way, students learn actively and develop interest in their subjects, giving them an opportunity to excel in their learning development.

Sultan Iqra graduated from the the University of Hong Kong with a Bachelor’s degree in English Language and Communication and Social Work and Social Administration. Both of these different study backgrounds helped her to understand more about English language and education with children from different age groups. In her spare time, Iqra enjoys engaging with children of different age groups through play and activities.


  • BA (Language and Communication & Social Work and Social Administration) The University of Hong Kong


Maintaining Good Sleep During Exam Season

Teenagers have busy schedules with school and homework, which becomes even more hectic during exam periods. For many, exam times are defined by high stress, poor diet, and terrible sleep habits as students pull all-nighers in the hopes of cramming more studying in. However, to get top exam scores, sleep is the key. Poor sleep negatively impacts our memory, creativity, and logical reasoning. This means… Read More

Bedtime Routines for Primary School Students

A bedtime routine should be made up of consistently repeated activities. This helps prepare children to get ready for sleep by relaxing and winding them down. A bedtime routine for young children should consist of 3 or 4 activities. Such activities usually include having a light snack, brushing teeth, changing into pajamas, and reading a book. These activities should always be followed in the same… Read More

Instilling Leadership Values at Home

Leadership skills are one of the most important assets that parents can teach their children, especially during tough times. It is important for the growth of the child, makes them independent and gives them a boost of confidence in their work. Here are some ways parents can practise leadership skills at home: Work on focus and attention: This can be done by assigning an individual… Read More

Better Self-Esteem, Better Leadership Skills

Leadership and self-esteem are very dependent on each other. A person with high self-esteem will not feel threatened by other ideas. They empower and encourage themselves and others around them. They bring out the best version of the team. However, a person with low self-esteem can be controlling and disrupt the growth and opportunities of the whole team. It is crucial to work on self-esteem… Read More