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Successful Educational Approaches from around the Globe

Education is often a deciding factor for families seeking a life overseas. We often think of the UK or USA when considering where to move, but there are other excellent education systems well worth considering. Take a look at these examples:


Home to the highest-ranking students in the world, Singapore is considered one of the most desirable cities in Asia to immigrate to. It boasts high wages, affordable housing, and an excellent education system. What is behind Singapore’s success?

They take a similarly systematic, traditional, and exam-oriented approach to learning as Hong Kong. However, they are also intent on providing holistic education, nurturing creative thinking, reducing stress levels, and moulding students into lifelong learners.


The German education system focuses on building independence in students and gives weight to developing critical and creative thinking skills. Interestingly, students often stay in the same groups throughout their schooling, fostering encouragement, support, and lasting bonds.

Germany is a popular choice for international students, drawing gifted individuals from around the globe. Affordable living, a thriving economy, and well-structured, low-cost study programmes are just some of the great incentives on offer.


Canada’s education system is well funded, balanced, and student centred. The student-centred approach encourages learners to freely explore their preferences and goals, while teachers act as ‘facilitators’, supporting students on their learning journey and adapting content based on their needs.


The school system here is very different from that in Hong Kong. In Finland, formal schooling starts at age 7, there is little homework, limited testing, short school days, and a focus on cooperation not competition

While it may seem idealistic, standards and results are not compromised. Finnish students perform very well on a global scale, and expectations for teachers are high, requiring a master’s degree to enter the profession.


Although there may be a lot to consider here, families have the opportunity to explore a host of exciting possibilities across the education landscape.