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Learning English Through Movies

Learning a new language can be intimidating for children, so it’s great to find a fun and engaging way to improve their English. Watching movies builds listening and comprehension skills while children listen to dialogue and follow the plot. Aside from that,  movies also provide entertaining experiences that can provide stimulating variety to the language-learning toolkit. Here are a few ways to help children learn English through movies:

Encourage active viewing 

Encourage children to actively watch a movie by asking them questions before, during, and after the movie. This can help children stay engaged as they are prompted to think about the story and its events instead of passively receiving information. It also encourages critical thinking. By asking open-ended questions, children have to think deeply about the movie and consider different perspectives and interpretations.

Repeat and imitate

Encourage children to repeat and imitate the lines of their favorite characters. Not only does this help children understand the emotions of characters, but it can also help them improve pronunciation and intonation.

Choose appropriate movies 

Select movies that are appropriate for the child’s age and level of English proficiency. Younger children prefer movies that are visually entertaining and action-packed, while teenagers often enjoy films with deeper themes of self-discovery, which are perfect for learning the abstract vocabulary they may not encounter in daily life.

Learning through movies makes the process fun and engaging, and it’s also something the whole family can do together!