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Dorothy Wong

Dorothy Wong

I believe that the quickest and easiest way for students to master the English language is to be genuinely interested in it. Therefore, I hope to foster a passion for the English language in each student. By making classes more fun with games and a variety of teaching methods, I hope that students will enjoy learning in an English environment and be determined to do well.

Dorothy Wong graduated from the University of British Columbia with a BA in English Literature. Her studies were focused on analysing literary texts and relating them to bigger themes. She studied in Hong Kong prior to going overseas for university education, so she understands well what it takes for Hong Kong students to master English.


  • BA (English Literature) The University of British Columbia


How I Achieved Top IELTS Grades

To study in an English-speaking country, you often need to take the IELTS Academic test, which examines your reading, listening, writing and speaking abilities. There are minimum eligibility scores, which can be very high for top universities, and a good IELTS grade will greatly boost your chances of entering your dream school. As an achiever of top grades in IELTS several years ago, here are… Read More

Poetry about Family

Poetry is a captivating form of artistic expression that allows individuals to express their feelings and experiences in a deeply personal way. Family is at the core of human experience and therefore has always been an important theme in poetry. ‘Eden Rock’ is a favourite of mine, and it expresses the feelings of nostalgia and relief as the poet, nearing his death, finds solace in… Read More

Learning English Through Movies

Learning a new language can be intimidating for children, so it’s great to find a fun and engaging way to improve their English. Watching movies builds listening and comprehension skills while children listen to dialogue and follow the plot. Aside from that,  movies also provide entertaining experiences that can provide stimulating variety to the language-learning toolkit. Here are a few ways to help children learn… Read More

Fables from Around the World

Fables are short stories passed down from one generation to another to teach moral lessons. Why fables have continuously been passed down is because they are not only entertaining but also crucial for developing a sense of shared cultural heritage.  Throughout my years of teaching at i-Learner, I have often come across parents asking for book recommendations. Read More

Past Perfect Tense

‘Why is this room so messy?’ asked Mum as she glared at Matthew. His room looked like a hurricane had swept through it. ‘I told you to make sure it was clean before I came back, didn’t I?’ ‘I cleaned it, but-’ Matthew explained. ‘You call this a clean room?’ ‘I cleaned it, I did!’ Matthew’s eyes watered. ‘First you disobey me, and now you… Read More