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Course Description

German is known to be a complex yet rewarding language. Students who enjoy Maths and logic puzzles will love learning German.  Plus, as it’s closely related to English, students will learn about the roots and cognates of many English words by studying German vocabulary.

Our German course equips students with the foundations of German vocabulary, grammar and communication skills. Students learn how to introduce themselves and talk about daily routines, family, food, places, and German culture. They will also learn about verb conjugations, noun genders and adjectival agreement as they begin to master French grammar. By the end, students will be able to communicate native speakers from Germany, Switzerland and Austria!

Our courses are offered at both Primary and Secondary level, with younger students focusing on materials from Beginners’ German, and older students on OUP materials. Courses are taught by tutors with degrees in Modern Languages from world-class universities, including the universities of Oxford and Cambridge.

As German has played an enormous role in scientific and technological research, this is a great language to learn for all aspiring innovators!