i‑Learner Education Centre

Love to Write

Course Description

Unleash creativity, learn to write in various genres and be an author!

To teach children how to write and how to express their ideas and emotions is such a joy for both teachers and students. With basic skills in writing, students will learn to express themselves in a rich variety of creative and practical ways. Through various genres and tones we aim to provide different styles of writing to inspire and stimulate our students.

Our Love to Write curriculum is designed to encourage students to enjoy writing in English as they explore all the skills needed to be a confident writer. It aims to enhance students’ English writing skills while nurturing their creativity. It is divided into 10 levels – from K3 to Form 4. At lower levels, Love to Write students will transfer their creative thoughts onto pages in a coherent manner while also participating in a range of stimulating activities.

As they progress through primary school, students will learn advanced writing skills and enrich their vocabulary and grammar through practical writing topics. For secondary levels, students will be able to pick up more sophisticated writing techniques which they can apply to their secondary school assignments. By the end of the course, students are expected to become effective and confident writers, who not only excel at school but also have developed a passion for writing.


Learning Objectives

L1: All about me – sentence construction, punctuation marks, observation skills

L2: Picture writing – writing stories, diaries and letters based on pictures

L3: Narrative writing – writing short stories, similes and metaphors

L4: Introduction to different forms of writing – advertisement, article, descriptive, and expressive writing

L5: Descriptive Writing – showing not telling, character and setting description, five senses description, introduction to argumentative writing

L6: Components of a story – plot mountain, characters, setting, dialogues, argumentative and persuasive writing

L7: Writing in different genres – letters, picture writing, story-telling, debate, reviews

L8: Formal and informal writing – reports, reviews, blogs, flashbacks, types of essays

L9: Aimed at GCSE-level – with focus on transformative and synthesising skills

L10: Aimed at DSE-level – English DSE Paper 2 writing (Part A and B), Paper 3 Listening and Elective part