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Magic Phonics

Course Description

Our pre-school courses nurture a child’s inborn curiosity and excitement in learning. Children gradually develop their abilities and skills in phonics, speaking and reading, alongside a blooming creativity and imagination.


Kindergarten, a word invented by famous German educator Froebel, means play and activities. Froebel believed in the unique needs of pre-school students. The importance of play and well-designed activities has been advocated by later educators like Jean Piaget and now i-Learner’s teachers.

Pre-school education at i-Learner focuses on the child’s cognitive development. Motor, social and psychological skill development is also encouraged through the carefully designed activities.

The curriculum builds heavily on games, phonics, storytelling, and reading. Our integrated approach aims at training children to be competent in language as well as to become curious, creative and imaginative learners.

Last but not least, we believe that kindergarten is a crucial period for a child’s personal development. Therefore, self, love, care and being a global citizen are the core values of our programme.

Course Details

Our Magic Phonics lessons accelerate your child’s reading progress by training your child to recognise letter sounds and produce them accurately. In these lessons, your child will practise reading with i-Learner’s range of Bugbug’s Library books. Your child will also be able to practise phonics at home with our supplementary phonics e-Learning platform.

This course is part of our Growing Giraffes programme, which pairs Magic Phonics with Pre-school English. Students taking one lesson from each course set out on the path to top schools and excellent English abilities.


Growing Giraffes and Wise Owls Leaflet

The curriculum includes three levels:

  • L1 – Blending with Bugbug
  • L2 – Reading Aloud with Bitbit
  • L3 – Spelling and Dictation with Metaphor