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Jamez Chan

Jamez Chan

Every language is a gateway to a new culture. I hope to lead any willing adventurers to explore the world of English and create their own unique highway to discover the wonders that await.

Jamez Chan graduated from the City University of Hong Kong with a BA in English. His studies brought him valuable experience in the fields of creative writing and drama, and so Jamez understands well the importance of language as a tool to express oneself. Being a local graduate, Jamez understands the daily challenges faced by Hong Kong students and the techniques to overcome them.


  • BA (English for Professional Communication) The City University of Hong Kong


Sticks And Stones May Break Our Bones, But Formal English Can Never Hurt Us

We pull all kinds of faces and show all kinds of reluctance, on hearing the need to use formal English. Formality, rules, constraints, they are the enemy of a carefree life. These frequently boring appeals to formality are common but if you’ll allow me a question, how much do you know about informal English usage? Growing up in Hong Kong,… Read More

When in English Speaking Countries, Speak as They Do

Uncertainty can feel scary, and we even experience this in situations without real danger, such as talking to people in a different language. When travelling, we may baulk at speaking with strangers or investigating a new culture because we don’t feel sure of our language skills. However, wonderful surprises, improvements, and growth can also be on the other side of the veil, so it’s worth… Read More

Reading for Understanding

There are many ways to connect with a book, and at times, all we want to do is flick through the pages and explore. This can be especially fun with books aimed at young people, which have pictures and other graphic elements. We shouldn’t discourage young learners from flipping through books, especially those that are too difficult for them currently. These children are taking an… Read More

English is Everywhere

When I ask my students what they’ve read recently, they often say they’re too busy to read for fun. They can only tell me about the textbooks or comprehension passages they skim for school. However, we live in an international metropolis, and English is everywhere around us, waiting to help us learn in new and interesting ways. If my students say they’re too busy to… Read More

The Benefits of Derivative Writing

Whether you love creative writing or not, I’m sure you’ve been inspired to give alternate endings to a favourite story. Perhaps you’ve imagined what you’d do in a character’s position. This means you’re on the first step towards derivative writing, which loosely defined, means writing that is based on ideas from other sources. There are some who see derivative writing as imitation work or laziness,… Read More