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Nicole Man

Nicole Man

My aim is to open minds to the kaleidoscopic possibilities that languages hold. They are not simply words on a page or whiteboard, but the exchanges that inform and have been shaped by humanity over thousands of years. When students understand this, they are excited to learn more.

Nicole Man has nurtured a lifelong love of words and their uses, which led her to studying Classics at the University of Oxford. This passion has developed in a range of directions, leading her, for example, to transcribe a Spanish documentary about San Tin village and delve into writing poetry. Previous positions at international summer schools have stoked Nicole’s passion for encouraging people, young and old, to forge connections through linguistic interaction. It is a great privilege to now be doing so for learners with whom she shares ethno-cultural heritage.


  • BA (Literae Humaniores) University of Oxford


Humans as Resources

Learning, as a concept, often calls to mind the scholarly image of poring over volumes in hushed libraries or, in this day and age, being glued to a laptop screen. However, I’d like to draw attention to the arguably underestimated power that lies in people, who can be valuable learning resources. From learning a handful of languages to becoming an educator myself, I’ve had the… Read More