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Reshma Gurung

Reshma Gurung

An educator who understands the freedom of a child’s mind will join in helping them acquire independent thinking skills. It is important not to limit a child’s imagination, but to use their curiosity to examine, experiment, and explore the world around them.

Reshma Gurung graduated with a BA in Fine Art with focus on Anthropology and Sociology from The College of Idaho. Applying her passion for visual arts and cultural anthropology, Reshma has worked with children from diverse backgrounds through NGOs and summer camps, which has allowed her to understand the emotional and social needs of various young people. Whenever she is teaching, Reshma strives to connect through collaborative learning, enabling students to challenge themselves. During her free time, Reshma does pottery, weightlifting, and journaling.


  • BA (Fine Art, Anthropology & Sociology) The College of Idaho