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Stephie Pettman

Stephie Pettman

My aspiration as a teacher is to create a friendly, supportive and stimulating learning environment, where students feel comfortable to ask questions, think creatively and nurture their interest in the English language. Having studied languages myself, I understand both the challenge and enjoyment of learning a language to a high level.  I aim to help all students, regardless of their skill level, become confident and skilful learners. 

Stephie Pettman is a student at the University of St Andrews in the UK and is currently studying abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark. She enjoys learning languages and has studied both Spanish and Italian at University level. Before beginning her undergraduate degree, Stephie took a gap year to work and travel. During this time, she volunteered on several projects around the world where she taught English as a foreign language. In her spare time, Stephie loves to read and often helps out at a community restaurant.  


MA (Honours) (International Relations) (Graduating 2022) University of St Andrews