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Making your Kindergartener’s Application Stand Out

A portfolio is an essential tool for showing target primary schools the incredible things your child has to offer. As a teacher at i-Learner, I’ve reviewed many student portfolios. Sometimes, these are stuffed full of certificates, reports and photos, and they look like an encyclopaedic history of a child, however there is nothing in them which particularly catches my eye.

As you apply to primary schools, your child might be competing with 30 to 40 candidates for a place. How can you make sure your child’s application stands out from the crowd? Take a look at my top tips for prepare a fantastic portfolio:

1. Add some warmth
All the children submitting portfolios alongside yours will have impressive certificates and glowing reports. But your kid isn’t exactly the same as the rest. They’re unique! Add something authentic and personal which shows that. Include one of your child’s drawings or ask him/her to write a letter to the principal. When something truly comes from your child, it’s sure to touch the reader’s heart.

2. Cater to the school’s preferences
Some schools focus on language skills while some prefer sports. Make sure to highlight your child’s language exam results to a school that prioritises academics. If the school tends to accept more athletes, make a bigger deal of the certificates that your child’s earned on the sports ground.

3. The more the better?
Most portfolios are jam-packed with certificates and photos. However these can overwhelm the reader and make it hard to get a clear picture of your child. Include the most significant things which can really speak for your child – that’s the best way to show their strengths and character.

Last but not least, if you’re not sure whether you even need a portfolio, err on the side of caution and make one. They take time to do well, and if you start the process early, you can start to see any gaps in your child’s application. However do make sure to check which target schools welcome portfolios from applicants and only send it to those who do. Good luck!

Another great way to get your child prepared to apply to primary schools is to make sure that they can interact well with new adults and children – this makes a great impression at interview time.

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