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Reading Time with Family

Reading with students is one of my favourite activities when we have free time because it brings so many benefits. This is why I particularly enjoy teaching Love to Read and Critical Reading and Writing – these courses explore amazing books and deepen the enjoyment of reading.

Reading outside of the classroom is also very helpful, and reading as a family brings additional benefits. In a hectic world, reading a few pages or a chapter every night before bed is a sure and simple way to build up quality time. It helps both children and parents relax after a tiring day and makes sure every evening ends well.

Reading together also helps children learn new experiences and cultures. For example, reading about the first day of school can help children ease their nervousness when they join school. They also learn to appreciate other cultures and traditions around them, making them great global citizens. Furthermore, children learn to communicate and write well, as they are exposed to a wide variety of vocabulary and sentence structures. With parents at their side to discuss complex issues, children are free to explore interesting and challenging things.

Not only does reading help children learn, it makes them better learners. Reading improves concentration and discipline. Children concentrate well when they listen to stories or read them together with adults. This helps with self-discipline for students, which results in greater concentration and attention spans and better results at school.

It’s never too late to start reading a book with your child. Find a book that your child likes and read together. Both you and your child will enjoy the fruits of reading for a long time to come.