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Competitive Mathematics

Course Description

Our Competitive Mathematics class is based on the curriculum of MO and many other useful problem solving strategies. We aim to equip students with the ability to master what they have learned from school, to understand the connections between different concepts, and to apply them in unforeseen scenarios. The syllabus also includes questions from famed mathematics competitions and competence tests, as well as renowned mathematical puzzles and games from history. Students will nurture their passion for mathematics and thinking skills through continuous breakthrough improvements.

By participating in Mathematical Olympiads or World Class Tests, students gain opportunities to nurture their logical thinking capacities through competing with and learning from counterparts over the world. However, Mathematical Olympiads (MO) has over the years become notorious for an overwhelming curriculum, demanding significantly accelerated learning and robotic training. That however is an over-generalization for competitive mathematics, which requires students to have a solid foundation of knowledge and concepts, so as to think out of the box instead of being guided to solve routine problems by traditional steps. The goal is for students to come up with creative problem solving strategies independently.

The art of Mathematics is to learn a set of universal logic strategies, and to apply them skillfully in numerous ever-changing contexts and that is what this course gives first-hand experience of.


Course Tuition

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