i-Learner Education Centre

Numeracy and Problem Solving

Course Description

When studying Mathematics, the majority of students often pursue for a standard set of formulas to solve every problem instantly. This is an unavoidable result from over-emphasis on computations in traditional schooling, which can hardly cultivate students’ motivation in learning Mathematics and their problem solving skills.

In fact, Mathematics is not necessary to be boring and robotic. Instead, studying Mathematics in a suitable approach enables students to apply Mathematics in daily life, to appreciate its beauty of nature, and to feel the excitement of logical thinking and problem solving. In Numeracy and Problem Solving course, we aim to nurture students’ mathematical ability in aspects of numeracy, special sense and problem solving. Students are guided to integrate their learning experiences and contexts in reality, so as to develop lifelong learning and self-correction skills.

Course Characteristics

  • Consistence with Hong Kong Primary and Secondary Mathematics Curriculum
  • Practical and mind stimulating techniques in mental calculation and problem solving
  • Cross-topic investigations unconfined to the traditional curriculum framework

Course Tuition

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