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Learning through Social Media

Many parents can feel hesitant to let their children use social media. However, with the right channels, social media can be beneficial to language learners. Personally, I find social media to be a very convenient tool, and I have been using it since secondary school. Here are a few benefits of utilising social media for language learning:

Good Use of Commute Time

The content on social media is normally concise and easy to understand, which makes it perfect for commute time. There are usually examples along with illustrations to help with understanding. It only takes a few minutes for you to learn new words every day. When home, you can jot them down and form sentences to reinforce your memory.

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Access to Both Formal and Informal Language

There are many different styles of accounts teaching English on social media.

For formal language, students can try looking through the accounts of English news channels like BBC news (@BBCnews on X). Their news articles normally include a range of formal and practical vocabulary, which can come in handy when writing formally.

As for more conversational language, there are also accounts where native speakers share commonly-used phrases (see this example on Instagram: @englishbygiovana). Students can pick up new phrases as well as their pronunciation.

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