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Iain MacDonald

Iain MacDonald

Helping children learn and grow is a powerful thing. Seeing wonder in their eyes is especially warming when they are starting to understand something new about the world.

Iain MacDonald graduated from the University of Manchester with a BEng in Chemical Engineering. He then moved to Hong Kong to pursue a career in teaching. Iain has a passion for outdoor pursuits and brings energy and fun to all of his English classes at i-Learner.


  • University of Manchester – BEng Chemical Engineering
  • University of Manchester – Post Grad Cert. Chemical Engineering
  • University of Toronto - TEFL Certificate

Student Work

How to Structure Revision Time

Preparing for exams should not be a last-minute rush of activity. If you think of it like self-organised homework, this helps you be more productive, get better grades, and feel less stressed. I often help my students prepare for their exams, and it’s always the ones who are organised and structured in their preparation who do best. During my own studies, I learned several useful… Read More

Teacher Diaries: Ms. Li – Teaching Philosophy

I aim to foster a learning environment that encourages students to be good inquirers. Challenging students to ask questions and to engage with the world, I hope to transmit the habit of constant exploration. This process provides practice of language in context that is meaningful to them. Students’ well-being is always of utmost importance to me and the interactions they have with their peers and… Read More


There are three levels in Chinese learning. The first one is practicality. Language is a kind of tool for our human to communicate and transmit our experience and knowledge. To help students use language to obtain new knowledge, express feelings and ideas freely and accurately, I hope I can teach them vocabulary, grammar and skills in comprehension and writing, through the combination of life-situation and… Read More

Teacher Diaries: Ms. Ivy – Teaching Philosophy

Language is organic and requires an environment where the importance of exchange is positively reinforced. It is continually changing and an attitude that is open to change with a critical mind is fundamental. Students are not completely a blank canvas. They each carry with them the building blocks and a foundation, which are brimming with potential. In order for students to grow into confident learners,… Read More