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Alison Fu

Alison Fu

Witnessing students’ improvement in English and growth in confidence is my greatest pleasure. I hope to motivate my students to explore the fun in learning a language.

Alison Fu graduated from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology with a BBA in Management. She has been teaching at i-Learner for over three years, coordinating Advanced Grammar and Reading and exam practice. She understands what local students most need in order to achieve high grades in English.


  • BBA (Management) The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology


Tips on Tackling Reading Comprehensions

While many Hong Kong students excel in grammar exercises, they can find reading comprehensions relatively daunting because of unfamiliar themes and challenging vocabulary. Drawing on my teaching experience and observations of countless students, I can share a few useful tips on helping students excel in comprehensions: Reading sequence While some students are taught to strategically read the questions then scan the text to look for… Read More

Strategies for Solving Student Phone Addiction

Numerous studies have drawn negative correlations between screen time and children’s cognitive and behavioural development. Most parents are aware of this and see first-hand the impacts of phones on their child’s ability to learn social skills, focus their attention, and regulate emotional responses. If you share the same concern, read on for the tips on breaking phone addiction: Use apps that limit screen time If… Read More

How to Teach Leadership Skills in the Classroom

Although some children are said to be born leaders, I believe leadership is learned throughout our lives and that we should nurture children to be leaders whenever we can. The classroom, in which children have their perceptions shaped constantly, is an excellent context for developing leadership skills. Here are some ways we teach leadership skills at i-Learner: Allowing students to take leadership roles Children are… Read More

Expanding Vocabulary through Parts of Speech

Most Hong Kong primary schools teach vocabulary from readers or textbooks, and this means students may know many words in specific areas (e.g. sports or household items) but be missing lots of common words. Many students struggle with reading because they haven’t acquired enough vocabulary items to comprehend a whole text. It is only when they’re asked to cram vocabulary lists in secondary school that… Read More

Great Grammar Games to Play

I’ve been teaching grammar for several years and I’ve seen many students who consider grammar to be a set of rigid rules they have to painfully memorise. In fact, your natural use of grammar in everyday English isn’t proportional to the effort you put into cramming grammatical rules. It’s better to get a strong feeling for accurate grammar instead. Playing games is a great way… Read More

Boost your Application to Top-Tier Secondary Schools

Applying to top-tier secondary schools can be a daunting prospect for P6 students and their parents. To secure a place in a well-regarded school, many parents target its Discretionary Places (DP) instead of crossing their fingers and waiting for the results of Central Allocation. Having coordinated the school-specific exam practice for more than three years here at i-Learner, I have helped numerous parents and… Read More