Words from our Students

After each of our exciting camps, the students always love providing their comments. Have a look at some of our students’ words below!

  • My favourite activity was the final performance! It can help me speak English louder and do more exercises in English.
  • I love Drama! It’s because it makes me feel we are like a team.
  • When I got the EnglishLeap Award, my face was so shocked! Like a snake had come out from my mouth!
  • I love when we play Bench Ball. It’s a game of team-work, and it’s exciting and fun!
  • We ate Portuguese egg tarts after the drama 🙂
    — Escola Keang Peng


  • My favourite activity was the big group game. This activity gave us a lot of laughter, at the same time helps us to improve our English.
  • My favourite activities were writing letters and the big group game, because I can play with many people.
  • I liked the English lessons, because I can speak a lot of English. The tutor provides a lot of help for me to learn English.
    — Workers’ Children Secondary School


  • I loved it because it was really fun and I could learn a lot of new science knowledge!
  • When I came to school and saw my tutor and groupmates – that was my happiest moment! They always smiled at me. That made me feel so warm!
  • We must to speak English, that was very useful for me to improve my English skills.
  • I was sad that I couldn’t join this camp again because I was already in Form 5! I really loved this camp and want to join it again!
    — Kit Sam Lam Bing Yam Secondary School


  • My favourite activity was acting, as it was interesting and the teachers are very professional at this, therefore, I learned a lot!
  • I loved the elective classes because I could talk to my class teacher, and share things with him.
    — Society for Community Organisation (SOCO)